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Friday again -- don't hurt me, but I had to take this quiz!

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Sergei Rakhmaninov.

I lived in the early Twentieth Century and was well known for my compositional, conducting, and piano skills, yet I am melancholy despite this talent. My famous works include my nearly-impossible piano concerti.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Strangely appropriate, because his Piano Concerto #2 is one of my favorite pieces of music. It's also the musical score to my all-time favorite movie, "Brief Encounter."

Friday -- Cats and Wool

There was a discussion on my tag-board yesterday about cats and wool -- it seems that a number of you have cats who love wool. Izzy is no exception. Years ago I bought a small wool oriental rug for the entryway of my house and Izzy thought it was a toy for her -- she spent hours rolling on it, drooling into it, and trying to bunch it up into a cat bed.

Finished the first sleeve of the fair isle last night. I'll cut open the second sleeve steek and pick up stitches tonight. I'll have my able photographer capture it on film (well, digital film!) for posterity.

I updated my sock-in-progress photo -- click here.


Izzy wanted to strike a seductive pose for you all. Yes, she is a wanton little hussy.

But you can click here for a more sedate photo of her, showing off my fair isle progress. I'm nearing the end of the first sleeve and ought to have it done in the next day or two.

What Kind of Sheep Am I?

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna

Monday -- Special Evening Edition

This is to make up for the crappy little blog entry this morning. You can see a photo of my fair isle progress here. See? Got started on that there sleeve!

And in a burst of self promotion . . . introducing . . . my Cafepress store! Check it out and get a jump on your holiday shopping!

Below is a close-up of the neckband.

And here is a close-up of the picked-up stitches around the armhole.

Okay guys -- I'll be going off-line for a day or two. Hopefully next report will be that the first sleeve is done!


I made some good progress on the fair isle. Got the body done, cut open the neck stitches, picked up and knitted the neckband, cut open one armhole steek, picked up stitches and started a sleeve. Pretty cool, huh?

Too bad I forgot to upload the photos to my server so I could show you all this great progress.



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