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Wendy's Knitting Blog Salutes Nurses!

Good morning Bloggers. Today I'd like to take a moment to thank all the hard-working men and women in the nursing profession for their dedication, kindness, and commitment to helping others. And to a special group of nurses in Baltimore -- you know who you are . . . a big cyberkiss! Mmmmmm-wha!

Finished Odie's socks yesterday. I gave them to her this morning and she loves them and they fit her perfectly. There's nothing quite so gratifying as an appreciative audience.

I started a pair of socks in a variegated green Opal on the train this morning -- pix at some point over the weekend on my WIP page.

I finished the neckband of Dalriada last night. So now all that remains is to sew that bad boy together. Maybe tonight. If I feel like it. Last night I swatched a little for my gansey and realized that I don't really feel like knitting that right now. So on the back burner it goes. Instead, I'll start my Fearless Fair Isle. I know the starting date is July 29, but 1. some have you have already started, and 2. I'd like to be a few steps ahead of the crowd just in case I need to work out any kinks in my pattern, heaven forbid there are any. So there you have it!


More Aran news! I finished the second shoulder strap and started the neckband. There's a photo of it right after I picked up the neckband stitches here.

And look what I got in the mail! Two big ol' bags of shetland wool from Jamieson & Smith in Scotland! These two bags are for the Oregon Cardigan and Marina Pullover, both from The Scottish Collection. To be knitted at a time determined later.

And also yesterday I got a couple of skeins of Scottish Campion from my dear friend Geane. She's the one who sent me the yarn for Luskentyre as a gift! Anyhow, one of the colors she sent me yesterday, Eyebright, is supposed to be the same as Jamieson & Smith's color #1290. Can you see any difference?

The one on the top is Jamieson & Smith, the one on the bottom the Campion.


Aran news! I finished the second sleeve up to the shoulder strap. There's a photo of the sleeve-in-progress here. Now I have to finish knitting the neckband -- I'm slightly less than half done -- and sew the seams.That photo was taken about two pattern repeats before I was done.

So tonight is another shoulder strap night. The end is in sight! After that, the neckband and the sewing up, and it'll be done, done, done!

I'm going to start knitting a gansey next -- Stornoway, from the Starmore Fisherman Knitting book. Got some yummy olive green guernsey wool for that.

And of course on July 29 I'll start the Fearless Fair Isle with my Fearless Fair Isle gang. So I'll be knitting two sweaters at the same time . . . something I never do. See? You can teach an old dog new tricks. Arf, arf.

And speaking of Fearless Fair Isle . . . how do you like my label, shown above? I ordered Cash's woven labels for this project. My original idea was to send one to each person who is knitting along with me on this project but there are 148 people signed up and I ordered only 36 labels (because they are bloody expensive!). So I think I'll send them to the first 36 people who start knitting the project who ask for them.

Pretty cocky of me, huh? Assuming that 36 people will want to put my label in their fair isle!

I'll leave you all with this link -- stuff you can buy for the cat who has everything!


More heat and humidity here but the weather gurus promise us nicer weather for the rest of the week.

Yesterday I signed up to sponsor Judy in her Blogathon. On July 27 she will be posting to her weblog every 30 minutes for 24 hours to raise money for her charity of choice, RAINN. Head over to Judy's blog and sign up to support her in this excellent cause!

Last night I knitted the first shoulder strap of Dalriada - close-up photo here. And you can see how the whole thing is constructed here. Knitting a shoulder strap onto the front and back of the sweater is a little like knitting an octopus, as my friend Grace says, but the results are well worth the effort!

I knitted a bit more on the second sleeve, while watching the Pet Psychic on Animal Planet with Isolde. Am I just a little pathetic, watching animal tv shows with my cat?

And I had Odet try on the first sock I knitted -- it fits her perfectly! Hurray! I just turned the heel of the second sock, so I'll have it done in a few days so I can give her the pair.

Monday Already?

Where did that long weekend go? It was a good one, except I've been feeling kinda crappy for days. Bleah. The weather got a little nicer as the weekend progressed but we're back to heat and humidity today.

I finished Dalriada's first sleeve Friday night, up to the shoulder strap. Because the pattern directs you to knit the shoulder strap onto the front and back of the sweater and I didn't feel like it, I just put it on a holder and started the second sleeve, which I've got maybe two-thirds done now. I'll finish up the first sleeve tonight.

And because I didn't take any photos of Dalriada, you have to look at the first of Odet's socks again -- check it out here.