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Birth of a Fair Isle
Questions? I gotcha answers right here!

You guys asked several questions in comments yesterday so I'm addressing them here today.

"Southern Gal" asked: Did you do any crochet on the steek edge before you cut? Or because it is wool, you didn't?

No crochet, just cut away! And as Kate mentioned, that is a scary thing to do! But because it's wool, and more importantly, shetland wool which is nice and hairy, it doesn't come undone. And when I steam the steeks on the inside of the work they'll felt a bit so they'll never budge.

Jean asked: What is the proportion of body to sleeve stitches when you're picking up around the armhole?

It's pretty much one to one. Check out the photo here -- you can see that's the right ratio because there's no puckering or rippling in the sleeve.

And Tracy asked: OK, so what's the next project going to be? Inquiring minds want to know!

I'm gonna do a quickie next -- this cute little Dale of Norway tank top knitted in Dale of Norway Svale yarn in this color.

After that I think I'll do a Starmore aran. Whaddya you guys think? Do you wanna see "Birth of an Aran?" Leave me a co9mment and let me know!

Birth of a Fair Isle
First Sleeve

Yeah, well, not too much progress to report. Took my Dad out shopping last night and by the time I got home had little time left for knitting. But I did do a few rows on the sleeve. Wanna see a photo? Check it out here.

I did finish the second of my current pair of Regia socks on the train. Gotta remember to take photos tonight!

Oh yeah -- forgot to mention yesterday: the pattern directs you to knit the sleeves before the neckband. I always knit the neckband before the sleeves, though, because it's easier to manage if you don't have sleeves flailing around whilst you knit. By the time I get to the cuff of the second sleeve, I feel like I deserve a medal for dragging around that whole sweater that's hanging off my needles. Hey, a new exercise: pumping wool.

Birth of a Fair Isle
Necking all Weekend!

Lots of progress this weekend. Finished the body and knitted the neckband. This process is documented, step-by-step in detail here. Thanks to Ian, who patiently photographed every step for me!

Most of the neckband was knitted while watching a week's worth of episodes of "Last of the Summer Wine". Maryland Public Television runs it on weekday afternoons. Good television to knit by.

Last night I cut open the first armhole steek and picked up the stitches around the armhole.

After that, did about 12 rows.

I'm thinking about my next project when Luskentyre is completed -- I think I'll do a quickie before embarking on something else major. I've got a cute Dale of Norway pattern for a little tank top that's knitted in their new cotton blend yarn -- Svale. I bought the yarn in a taupe color. Think I'll do that next.


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