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Almost done with my second Regia sock. Brought some Opal to work to start an Opal pair -- a pink, turquoise, grey mix. And I did a bit on Pentland -- posted a WIP pic on my knitting page. It's hard to get a good photo of dark brown wool!

Weird public transportation sighting of the week:

Yesterday afternoon. Standing on the subway, the train pulls into Gallery Place Station (Washington DC). A small, somewhat crispy-looking guy gets on the train. He has a megaphone slung across his back and is carrying a very large sign that has some statement about pedophilia and priests. A cameraman follows him on the train, filming him. All the regulars on the train are averting their eyes (me included) -- no one wants to be seen on the 6:00 News with this guy. I glance over at a woman I see every afternoon. She smiles, I smile, and we both start laughing. Neither the guy nor the cameraman are amused. :-)

Pentland is now past the ribbing . . . just barely past! And my second Regia sock is almost to the cuff. Gotta dip into the sock yarn stash to pick out the next sock project. I'm thinking Opal!

Swatched my Black Welsh Mountain wool for Pentland at lunchtime and I'll need to go down a needle size, to US 7, as I expected.
Finally finished Norge 2000 -- photos on my knitting page. Very large sigh of relief, as I was getting heartily sick of this project. I brought needles and wool to work with me today to swatch for Pentland, my next project. It's an old Alice Starmore design from the long out-of-print pamphlet "A Scottish Garland."

And of course, I'm knitting socks on the train to and from work. Very heavy tourist action on the train this week, due to D.C.'s Cherry Blossom Festival. Yesterday afternoon I was turning the heel of my sock on the train going home and two little girls were watching with rapt attention. Future knitters?

Why is the neckband on Norge 2000 taking forever? Because I hate, hate, hate k1 p1 ribbing. And the facing of the neckband is, indeed, k1 p1 ribbing. But I will get the damned thing done tonight. Mebbe even put the sleeves in tonight. Or tomorrow night, depending upon how great life intrudes on knitting . . .

Okay, the old AS design for my next knitting project is "Pentland" from the pamphlet "A Scottish Garland" -- the first thing I will have knitted from this. I've had this collection of patterns for years so it's about time. :-)
Coming down the home stretch of Norge 2000! I'm currently knitting the neckband, then have to sew in the sleeves. This project seems to have taken forever and I'm heartily sick of it, but I have to admit it's a lovely sweater.

Now thinking about knitting an old Alice Starmore design out of some Black Welsh Mountain wool I have next . . .


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